Training your dog to walk on the leash – The Online Dog Trainer

hi there doggy Dan here from the online dog trainer this video is all about helping you get to grips with walking your dog on the leash this is a Content consultation this is mr. Kane he’s a 5 year old mixed breed dog and you can see before he even leaves the property he’s already pulling he’s already taking control of the walk and it’s very subtle and it’s something which happens in a lot of situations that your dog is actually running the show they’re in charge inside the house and when you pick up the lead they simply carry on taking control making decisions remember the pack leader leads from the front so if your dog thinks they’re in charge then that’s what they’re going to do now if you see how he is now and you’ll see in a second you’re going to see me walking mr. Kane in exactly the same place look at the difference in energy his tail is down it’s not under he’s not fearful he’s not scared I haven’t corrected him compared to here he’s far more confident and bolshy headstrong pulling he’s making all the decisions and taking no notice of his owner so that’s where being the pack leader has this very subtle effect it calms the dog down and calming your dog down on the walk before you even start is something I’m going to touch on right here so before you even get outside of your property you need to be kind of in control of your dog and that’s what I’m doing with dear mr. Kane here he’s trying to pull me down the steps and I’m saying no hang on boy I’m in charge I’m just gonna wait there until he calms down and there are 2 options basically you either wait or you can decide it’s not going to happen and just take the lead off put your dog inside and sort of postpone the walk but mr. Kane’s responding well and all I’m going to do is walk down the steps he tries to drag me to the gate and I say nope I’m in charge you follow me and it’s it’s easy to do this in your own garden in a calm environment that’s where you should start it rather than trying the straightaway on the street once mr. Kane is walking nicely in that area we progress to the garden and she’s good at the garden we more when we move towards the gate and then we open the gates and we walk in and out of the gates you can see I’ve moved my car because my dogs are in the back of the car it was just too much distraction and it’s just this calm repeating keeping your dog in that calm state saying to them follow me follow me but you can see if you rush this bit then you end up with that far more excited headstrong who’s making decisions whereas when I stop dear mr. Kane stops it’s beautiful the crazy thing is it’s actually not rocket science it’s not tricky it’s not complicated anybody could do this you do have to be the pack leader inside the house though for it to sort of have the effect that I’m have it’s having on mr. Kane here you can see there it’s not about yanking on that lead there’s a couple of little touches and and that’s all it needs now what I’ve decided is to help mr. Kane’s owner we’re going to put on a slightly different device because that collar is not the easiest thing to train a dog on so we’ve put a special harness on him where the harness actually clips on underneath his chin it’s not clipping on his back and here’s the first time he’s walked on his new harness you can see the effect it’s having now yes mr. Kane’s tails under but it will come out very very quickly he’s just not me it’s just new this feeling on his body it’s a it’s a case of choosing the right device for every dog every dog is different but what I’d suggest is that this device is a pretty good fit for deer mr. Kane he’s calmed down and once he gets the hang of it you’ll see his tail come up and you’ll be very happy walking on his new harness so there you have it here’s mr. Kane just a few minutes earlier pulling his owner down the street pulling her shoulder out of its joint absolute nightmare dear boy though few minutes later with me happy as can be you see dogs can change whatever your situation it’s just understanding what you’ve got to change and then they’ll walk nicely on the leash of course becoming the pack leader is all part of that so go to my website the online dog trainer calm