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Add Years To Your Dog's Life-  5 Ways To Help

The sad part about being a dog owner, is that dog’s normally live from 10-15 years, depending on the breed.  Since we live 75 years on average, we go through difficult times when our dogs pass away during our lifetime.

It would be nice if we could extend the dog life span to even a few more years so we can enjoy the comfort they bring us.

Wouldn’t you do everything you could to have your dog healthier and possibly extend their life by one or two more years? 

If you have a dog that is already showing signs of slowing down, you can implement 5 things that help their quality of life and possible add another 1-2 years of a dog life span.

#1 – Make Sure You feed them the healthiest food.
Start by making sure you are providing the best quality dog food. (check out dog food reviews). Plus, there are lots of healthy foods you can add to the dog food as well. In addition, you must make sure not to overfeed your dog. Each dog according to their size has a recommended amount of daily food for the optimum calories. Here is a list of 10 good healthy foods you can give your dog.

#2 – Keep Your Dog active
You need to make sure you take your dog on a walk each day and not let them lay around and sleep with no activity. Walking and playing with your dog will keep their muscles and joints strengthened. 

#3 – Dog Dental Care For Teeth And Gums
Like humans, having healthy teeth and gums is important for health. If your dog’s teeth starts getting plaque, this can lead to your dog losing teeth. Plus, rotten teeth has bacteria and can lead to affecting their organs, such as kidneys, heart, and liver. There are good dog teeth cleaning products, which include a toothbrush and dog tooth paste as you will want to brush your dog’s teeth each day.  

#4 – Yearly Checkups At the Vet
You should always take your dog to the vet at least once a year for an overall checkup to make sure there are no health problems. Cancer and other diseases if caught early can be treatable.

#5 – Joint Supplements For Healthy Joints
If you keep your dog from being overweight, that is crucial for helping prevent joint problems. In addition, it is important to add joint supplements such as Glucosamine and Chondroitin to help alleviate sore and achy joints.  Here are recommended health joint supplements that you can get 30% off on