How To Crate Train A Puppy

How To Crate Train A Puppy

How to Crate Train a Puppy  – 7 East Steps!


So, уоu juѕt gоt a nеw puppy. Thе fun iѕ the еаѕу раrt, but how about the сrаtе trаining? Here iѕ a 7-Stер Plаn as tо hоw уоu can сrаtе train your рuрру.

Firѕt, thе “whаt.” Whаt iѕ сrаtе trаining? Crаtе trаining iѕ an аttеmрt to housetrain your рuрру by tеmроrаrilу confining him in a crate. Bесаuѕе dogs do nоt likе to urinate оr dеfесаtе in thе рlасе whеrе thеу аrе rеѕting, they bеgin to dеvеlор blаddеr and bоwеl соntrоl. Thеn, thеу are lеt оutѕidе to еliminаtе, аnd thе сусlе соntinuеѕ frоm thеrе.

Hаving dеtаilеd thе “whаt,” let’s nоw mоvе оn tо thе “hоw.” Hеrе is thе 7-Step Prосеѕѕ you nееd tо follow.


Step 1: Intrоduсе Yоur Puppy to the Crаtе

Thе only wау tо crate trаin уоur puppy is to first fаmiliаrizе уоur рuрру with thе сrаtе. Thiѕ саn be dоnе bу putting a ѕоft blаnkеt inside. Thеn, ореn the dооr and begin encouraging your рuрру tо еntеr. You can uѕе trеаtѕ to lurе him inѕidе. Aftеr hе hаѕ been inside a fеw timеѕ, уоu саn givе him a dog bоnе оr tоу tо play with whilе сlоѕing thе dооr оn thе саgе fоr a short timе.

Stер 2: Put Some Fun Things Inside

It iѕ important tо hаvе good trеаtѕ fоr crate training a рuрру. This will nоt only ԛuiеt уоur puppy but will аlѕо hеlр him undеrѕtаnd thаt hе is dоing a great job. Yоu саn аlѕо hаvе a bаll for уоur puppy tо play оnсе hе hаd ѕtауеd inѕidе the crate fоr several hours.

Stер 3: Prаiѕе and Reward Puрру

Whеn the рuрру hаѕ bееn gооd аnd hаѕ nоt еliminаtеd in thе сrаtе, рrаiѕе him and rеwаrd him with a trеаt. This роѕitivе rеinfоrсеmеnt will оvеr timе tеасh him whаt is аnd what iѕ not acceptable. Hе will then bеgin tо асt in that роѕitivе manner more оftеn in attempt to rесеivе your рrаiѕе and, оf соurѕе, the rеwаrding trеаtѕ! Whеn уоur рuрру hаѕ an accident in the сrаtе or in the hоuѕе, dо not рuniѕh him. Simрlу сlеаn it uр аnd put him in thе crate. Yоu now want tо take note оf thаt to help you better рrеdiсt when уоur dоg nееdѕ tо еliminаtе.

Step 4:  Crate уоur dоg whеn уоu leave

Aftеr уоur dog can ѕреnd about 30 minutеѕ in thе сrаtе withоut becoming аnxiоuѕ or аfrаid, уоu саn begin leaving thеm crated for short periods whеn уоu leave thе hоuѕе.

Stер 5: Grаduаllу Increase Timе

Aѕ уоur рuрру begins tо gаin соmfоrtаbilitу with the сrаtе, you can еxtеnd hiѕ time in the саgе. But, уоu will ѕtill wаnt to let him оutѕidе оnсе per hour when роѕѕiblе.

Step 6: Trу Overnight If Nесеѕѕаrу

Whilе not rесоmmеndеd, if you аrе in need fоr уоur рuрру tо ѕlеер in the crate on an оссаѕiоnаl night, you will wаnt to dо a fеw thingѕ. Firѕt, рlасе thе сrаtе in уоur room. Thеn, аѕѕuming hе is аlrеаdу accustomed to thе сrаtе, encourage уоur рuрру tо gо inѕidе. After a few nights of him ѕlеерing in thе сrаtе in your rооm, you саn begin рlасing the crate in оthеr rооmѕ whеrе you might оthеrwiѕе рrеfеr.

Step 7: Prаiѕе and Rеwаrd Puppy!

Yеѕ, hеrе it is аgаin. Prаiѕе аnd reward уоur puppy. Yоur puppy gеnuinеlу wants to рlеаѕе you аѕ hе dеѕirеѕ уоur praise, аttеntiоn and treats. Your consistent positive rеinfоrсеmеnt оf gооd bеhаviоr whеn hоuѕеtrаining will еnсоurаgе еvеn mоrе positive bеhаviоr.

Nоw you’re ready to tасklе thе сrаtе training рrосеѕѕ. Use thеѕе 7 Steps and ѕооn уоur friеndѕ will bе аѕking hоw уоu were аblе tо train уоur puppy tо be so wеll behaved.

Prevent Heart Disease Dog

Prevent Heart Disease Dog

What you can do to prevent heart disease in your dog?

Did you know that nearly 30% of all dogs over the age of 7 develop heart disease? Some are inherent from birth, but most heart disease is acquired. The term for heart disease is called Cardiomyopathy.

And the two prevalent types are either the dog’s heart mitral valve fails to close properly or the muscular walls of a dog’s heart become thinned and weakened. Both these conditions will cause a dog’s to develop and enlarged heart and ultimately heart failure.

Most vets will give the dog heart meds which help control the valve and regulate the beating of the heart. However, these meds only work for a short time (usually a month to a year) before the dog’s heart fails.

In addition, the heart meds are very taxing on the dog’s kidneys and may cause kidney failure.

So what can you do to prevent heart disease in your dog?

The best advice is to feed your dog properly by eliminating animal fat, sugar and added salt.

Sodium is a big factor for heart problems, so you need to feed your dog low sodium diet that will help decrease fluid retention.

Most commercial dog foods contain too much sodium, and sugar along with artificial ingredients and preservatives.

Beware of the ingredients like “chicken by-product” or the like.

A dog’s diet should consist of 40% protein, 30% fiber and 30% starch.

Raw dog food like organic chicken, raw vegetables and fruit are good to feed your dog.

In addition, your dog should not drink tap water, but drink distilled water instead.

Tap water contains fluoride and other chemicals which is not good for the dog’s heart.

Two important additives you should get is L-Carnatine And Taurine. These two are amino acids

that are vital for a dog’s heart. Many dogs who have heart problems are lacking in both Taurine and L-Carnatine.

Also, fish oil and coenzyme Q10, may have some beneficial effects preventing heart disease.

Top 10 Common Dog Health Problems (and Solutions)

Top 10 Common Dog Health Problems (and Solutions)

a recent study commissioned by Bayer found that seven out of ten people care more about their pets health than their own welcome to and today veterinarian Laurie Bouchard will be counting down ten common dog health problems and how to treat them number ten heartworms as the name suggests heart worms are worms that develop in the heart unfortunately since this disease is transmitted through mosquito bites any dog can catch it and worse yet it might be years before your dog shows any clinical signs that worms are forming inside the heart this could be deadly eventually and even if we do try to treat it it could be deadly as well so it’s really important to prevent every year from June to November there’s really good product that could do it that we apply every month on the animal so if you notice your dog is suffering from coughing fatigue collapsing or depression seek the advice of your veterinarian number nine ticks and Lyme disease ticks are parasites that attach themselves to your dog cat or even to you they feed on the hosts blood and transmitted diseases like Lyme disease and this disease can actually cause really severe clinical signs so it could go to not feeling well fever limping or also renal disease or neurologic disease and can kill your animal eventually depending on that where it’s located in the body so we want to keep ticks outside the house but fortunately it’s easy to keep your dog tick free so there is a treatment you can give it’s a topical treatment as well and you applied it everyone on your animal so this product is called k9 Advantix it’s read for fleas and ticks and so you can actually be safe and your house can be safe or fix number eight heart disease like their owners dogs are at risk of developing abnormal enlargements of their hearts but that doesn’t mean your pup won’t live a normal life the most common reason your dog might develop heart disease is aging but heart worms and other health issues can also play a part disease is important to actually consult as soon as possible just because we want to try to slow down that process this summer try to be really careful if it’s really warm and humid outside and your dog has a heart disease try to avoid to do some activities with him outside because it’s going to be harder for them to to to react to this sweater and also if your dog coughs at home it’s really important to try to console though if you see that he’s out of breath lately and he’s been struggling with heat then go consult your veterinarian to make sure there’s no disease that we should assess as soon as possible number seven cancer as in people cancer is becoming more prevalent in dogs while it can affect young pups it mostly presents itself in older pooches you may notice a lump swelling lesions or a sudden change in your animals behavior but whatever the case it’s important to get a diagnosis as soon as possible because there are treatments available for dogs including chemotherapy in animals we’re not trying to get rid of the tumor we’re just trying to put it asleep so the animal will feel better for a longer period so they’re not going to be as sick as humans number six arthritis as dogs age they can develop arthritis most of the time it occurs in dogs that were born with an abnormality like hip dysplasia but even so it’s a manageable condition so it’s best to get an early diagnosis from your vet the most important thing for your animal is try to keep in with a good weight so try to keep it as lean as possible so the obese dog needs to lose some weight there’s also medication and see inflammatories that are possible and there’s also exercise that you should do with your dog swimming this summer would be a really really good one because it helps with the muscles so it helps with the joints and it doesn’t have any impact number five kennel cough this type of bronchitis is easily transmitted between dogs whether at the dog park kennel or anywhere dogs congregate it affects the dogs breathing and voice box and can present itself as a harsh cough sneezing gagging or even vomiting if left untreated kennel cough can progress to pneumonia so it’s important to take care as soon as possible there are vaccines so shots for that which is really good and if your dog is going often to be bored somewhere or has a lot of contact with other dogs then I would suggest that we give a vaccination twice a year so every six months or the vaccine can also be given every year number four vomiting many things can cause vomiting in dogs a viral infection bacterial parasites or even inflammation of the pancreas might be to blame younger dogs sometimes swallow foreign objects they should not ingest which can get stuck in the stomach or GI tract and cause inflammation your dog may also vomit if he eats inappropriate foods like grapes which can cause renal disease the most important thing is that when your dog is really small or your cat is really small go consult as soon as possible just because they’re weaker and so they’re going to get dehydrated and sicker faster same thing when your dog is a bit older because vomiting can cause some damage to do suffrages and also we want we don’t want them to get dehydrated or get consequences of that number three ear infection most dogs will have an ear infection during their lives moisture in the ear leads to the growth of bacteria or yeast but can be caused by anything from bathing to grooming to swimming summer is a common time for this infection to turn up and that’s when you might notice redness in the ear or a really strong smell it’s something that can be treaty’s e with some drop in the ears or sometimes we do need to add some antibiotics as well but this is something that should be treated again as soon as possible and the reason for that is that we want it to stay outside the ear and we don’t want it to go into the canal so a little further which is harder to treat number two obesity this isn’t just a people problem your dog’s health can also be negatively effected if he’s overweight keep your pets as lean healthy and in shape as possible to help avoid problems like diabetes and joint disease work with your vet to create a meal and exercise plan that fits into your pooches lifestyle because active dogs need a different amount and type of sustenance than more sedentary ones it’s important not to restrict the amount of food you’re giving him if you want your dog or your cat to lose weight just because then you might be face to malnutrition so really ask your veterinarian what’s best for your dog depending of your style of life and what your animal metabolism is like and then you can have a lean and healthy animal for as long as you can number one dental disease affecting 80% of dogs by age 2 gum disease is a common and potentially very serious doggy health problem if you notice your pooch has stinky breath the disease has already progressed further than is healthy tartar is a bacteria and as it accumulates it can enter the body through the gums without proper attention this can lead to heart disease diabetes kidney disease and other serious issues animals needs to have their teeth brush just like Cubans so at least once a day you should brush the teeth of your animals with a special toothpaste that the four animals just because fluorine is something that’s toxic to dogs or cats so it’s really important to do it at least every day or every other day to make a difference you have any other doggy health tips for more videos on how to keep you and your pooch in tip-top shape be sure to subscribe to

Homemade Dog Food Recipe

Homemade Dog Food Recipe

so recently I conducted this ball what would prevent you for making your fresh meal for your dog at home when the results from the poll came back the biggest piece to the puzzle was making sure that you have a balanced recipe people were terrified of not getting it right second biggest issue we see is people don’t have times they think it’s really complicated or that you have to buy a lot of supplements to help balance the diet that saddens me it saddens me because I know that balancing foods for ourselves and for our pets isn’t really that complicated most people say they want a really easy recipe so we put together a nutritionally complete recipe that will meet all your healthy adult dogs nutritional needs that would be fully balanced that you’d be able to get in your car drive to your local grocery store and find the ingredients there to help inspire you to want to research more all right let’s get started now grab a bowl for you foodies out there just take a look at the center of the screen but for you nutrition buffs want to check out what’s under the hood of these foods take a look at a side panel grab 14 ounces of ground beef that you can find in your local grocery store really easy everything in red is deficient but it has to be lean ground beef dogs have a really high amino acid requirement next grab two teaspoons of hemp seed oil or three tablespoons of hemp seeds this balances the fats now to add half a teaspoon of Carlsen’s called liver oil or half a can of sardines that meets vitamin D and E requirements now I’d have a teaspoon of ginger which is packed with ligament supporting manganese next comes kelp this little green monster is packed with iodine let’s supercharge it with one egg but hold on to half of that shell 30 seconds in and halfway done now grab that egg shell ground eggshell meats calcium requirements for adult dog but not for puppy’s liver provides copper zinc and iron veggies add antioxidants phytonutrients and enzymes and fiber and voila you have a balanced meal for you beginners out there these are simple easy ingredients but the more you research the more you’re going to hear about nutrient-rich superfoods like mussels and tripe chicken wings heart organs and many other food groups mix it all together and you have a complete meal you’re welcome to cook the meal you can serve it warm or you can feed it raw you can also package the food and freeze it for you sleep this is just one example of how easy it can be to beat a fresh food meal to your dog look of course when making these recipes there’s always a better way to do it if you’re buying things that are organic or ethically raised genetically modify for yes by all means do it but do your best whatever you can do that can get you closest to making something ideal that’s the most important thing is it be starting somewhere we all need a starting point be dr. Becker what if we did a copy recipe absolutely and one for cats – oh good dog

How To Stop Your Dog From Chewing!

How To Stop Your Dog From Chewing!

wow you’re a big puppy or something this video is sponsored by the sport company click thumbs up for Winston the Giant rescue dog make sure you’re subscribed to my channel and pick up a copy of my best-selling book dog training revolution lots of your dogs love to chew but based on the pictures you guys sent me you may not love it so much when all of your possessions are even your house itself gets destroyed for many dogs it’s super important for them to have lots of appropriate things to chew on wait wait I’ve got to show this to people at home these durable marichoube owns when the spawn company are particularly innovative they have a really strong flavour that releases as your dog chews to keep the toy interesting Sporn has a lot of different varieties of these but you can see in this bone right here for example your dog can really smell that jerky flavor inside you can see the flavor in here on this maro pretzel and on the other side you’ve got these bumps which can be very gratifying for lots of dogs they can easily smell right here so there’s a lot going on with these toys see it seems that dogs are in the mood for different textures at different times that’s why sometimes they might chew up a couch cushion while other times they might chew up wooden furniture check out this maro chew gummy this one’s a little softer it’s kind of squishy feeling you can see that jerky flavor it’s got these holes if the dog can really smell that flavor inside you can see these bite marks this rough texture will mechanically remove plaque and tartar from your dog’s teeth they have so many different varieties and these come in multiple sizes as well for all sized dogs I’m gonna have a great offer from the spawn company on all of these in the description do you like your head scratch don’t you tell me in the comments below does your dog like their head scratched try to understand why your dog is chewing I mean there’s really two main types of Cheers you’ve got teething puppies and then there’s everyone else your everyone else first puppies while puppies are teething which can take about six months it’s understandable that their desire to sync their sore teeth into things really intensifies during this time be extra tolerant and understanding with teething dogs I mean puppies must be able to chew you’re just a puppy at heart aren’t you most older dogs who are chewing or doing so because they’re bored or under exercise or usually a combination of the two whoa chewing really seems to pass the time and it’s just enjoyable for a lot of dogs however regardless of your dog’s age there are some things you can do to get this under control step one is to bring a stop to the babe so that the habit doesn’t continue to be reinforced if your dog is chewing stuff up you’ll need to control the environment better so when you’re at home they need to be tied to you and your house has to be dog proved it might be easier if your dog weighs less than you though when you’re not supervising them they should be in an area where they cannot choose stuff up what do you do when you catch your dog chewing something that they’re not supposed to well this is actually a good example you’ll notice right now that Winston is chewing on his leash now rather than just pull him away or pull the leash out of his mouth I want him to go through the motions voluntarily and I want to see if I can get him to stop chewing that but I kind of get his attention on me so I’m gonna initiate a secondary training session remember those are those unplanned in the moment training sessions I’m gonna try and get his attention on me Winston come here wait come on over here okay good job yes now I’m gonna run over here and grab a treat because I wasn’t training but remember if you’ve got a dog that chews you have to be prepared to reward promptly which is why you’ll have treats that keep well at room temperature scattered throughout the house that was really good and then of course you could give them something acceptable to chew on oh I don’t know like a maro chew so right now he’s chewing his harness he’s not supposed to do that so let me get his attention off of that Parnas over here good job how about a lie down you’re down looks stellar Winston resist the urge to pull your dog away because that’s not really gonna teach them anything it’s not that there’s any harm and physically removing your dog from chewing something up and in fact sometimes you’ll have to do that for their own safety or to protect your property it’s just that dogs respond much better when they are shown how to do something rather than made to do something get their attention off the contraband and interrupt them by making a sound or calling their name or getting them to come towards you with a really persistent Scheuer you’ll have to redirect them like this time and time again especially if the habits well established I mean it takes time for a dog to understand that oh I can chew on these things like this but I can’t chew on these other things so keep your expectations realistic but it’s not good enough to just simply correct your dog in the moment when they start chewing things so you gotta be proactive that means you’ve got to do lots and lots of leaveit training sessions with them leave this alone this is my wallet leave it leave it alone here yes many dogs love socks leave it alone good see by doing lots of training exercises like this with lots of random household objects your dog really starts to get the picture of that okay I get it I can’t just pick up anything I want and this will also make those secondary training sessions way easier this is an iPhone 10 I don’t want you to chew this leave it good leave it good job nice work do this as often as possible with as many random objects as possible your dog will get the picture that by default things should be left alone unless you give them permission avoid shortcuts like spraying your furniture or things with bitter spray at best products like this simply teach your dog do it avoid things that taste bad they don’t really address the chewing and work long-term it’s worth noting that many dogs might chew due to anxiety particularly separation anxiety when you leave them alone so the best thing to do with these dogs in the meantime while you’re working through these issues is to give them plenty of age-appropriate exercise just before leaving them alone for any period of time as a matter of fact exercise is likely to reduce unwanted chewing and virtually all circumstances give Winston a thumbs up he did great today get your dog Samara choose from the Sporn company I’ll have a link in the description with a great offer subscribe to my channel get a copy of my book if you like our videos join our patreon community too I’ll have all those links below we’ll see you guys next time [Music] you

Becoming Your Dog’s Pack Leader

Becoming Your Dog’s Pack Leader

Becoming your dog’s pack leader is a question many dog owners ask.   This is an important question, but the answer isn’t so simple. The idea of becoming the pack leader is that you will convince your dog to trust you and your authority.  By positioning yourself as the person in charge, your dog will be confident in your decisions and be more apt to listen to you.

As pack animals, dogs require a leader by nature and instinct.

Without you positioning yourself as a leader, your dog will feel obligated to take that position because having a leader is an absolute instinctual requirement for their “survival” in life.   As the pack leader, you have to be responsible for every decision—and it’s outcome.  That means it’s up to your to pick a walking path.  And it’s up to you to decide how to behave in different situations, and up to you to determine how to respond to all the strange things you and your dog come across out there.

If you don’t make a decision, your dog will feel obligated to make a decision for you. When you don’t direct your dog, your dog will try to direct you as they will feel like they will need to act as the pack leader. If you go along with your dog’s decision, you will be reinforcing that superior position. However, if there comes a time when you try to ignore or “disobey” your dog’s decision, especially if they are used to you just following along (even if you don’t notice it, because it’s little things you let slide by), you will end up in a battle of tug-of-war with your dog—often times literally.

So, how do you position yourself as a pack leader?

You can begin with little things, like having your dog sit down before you provide her with her dinner. But to be a stable pack leader that your dog recognizes, you have to be stern with everything. The point is not to be aggressive, but consistent.  If you let some things slide your dog will be confused about who the leader really is, and it will only lead to more behavioral issues.

The point isn’t to dominate the dog, either, and showing your physical strength is no training method. You’ll end up in a battle of tug-of-war or a real fight because you have unknowingly provoked your dog’s instincts (fighting to prove who is stronger/dominant). The right way to show your dog who the pack leader is to remain calm and confident in situations.  Become a trusted leader, not a feared one. When danger arises, think through your next step before committing to something.

Lastly, don’t let the little things slide.  Walk through doors before your dog, have your dog walk beside you. Have them sit and be quiet when asked to constantly be maintaining your position as leader.

How To Stop Your Dog From Tugging On The Leash

How To Stop Your Dog From Tugging On The Leash

How To Stop Your Dog From Tugging On The Leash

One of the best parts about having a dog is that you can take them with you everywhere—to the park, to the store, and out to have fun. But, if your dog tugs on the leash when you try to walk them, it can quickly diminish all the fun you imagine having with them and discourage you from taking them out anymore. You might look at other dogs and their owners and think, “Why can’t my dog behave like that?” The truth is, no dog is born “obedient.” Despite being domesticated, they still have instincts that tell them that (one) they need a pack leader and (two) exploring and adventure are super fun!

These instincts are what make your dog great, but since they are living in a world with laws, regulations, and manners, you need to learn how to hone into their instincts so they behave more appropriately and so they see you as their confident and trusted pack leader.

The solution to stopping your dog from tugging on the leash is kind of a catch 22. For instance, letting your dog pull on the leash is telling them that they are in charge and that they are leading the pack. However, in order to teach them not to pull on the leash, you have to get them learning that you are the trusted pack leader.
Before you invest in all sorts of collars, leads, and gadgets that are out there to help you tackle this issue, you’re better off looking at the bigger picture. Having your dog walk properly on a leash is just the first step in positioning yourself as the pack leader. The training has to go beyond just walking—you need to be reinforcing your position as leader all the time and you’ll begin to see results across your dog’s behavior, not just when you’re outside.

Think about it like this: your dog knows someone has to be the leader. If they don’t see you as the leader, they’re going to take that position. You might not notice all the little “cute” things they do, but having them pull on a leash is definitely one of the places you’ll see them begin to express their feelings that they are in charge.

So, how do you teach your dog not to pull on the leash? Here are some tips:
• When you bring out your dog’s leash, wait for them to calm down until they are ready to go. Never rush through the excitement stage and try not to provoke them to get too excited.
• Practice at home first.
• Walk around your home and outside until they can behave in familiar surroundings.
• Begin to venture further out, coming back home when they misbehave.

Dog Ingredients To Avoid

Best & Worst Ingredients in Dog Food

We want to do the best we can for our pets. But, unfortunately, cheap dog food brands make feeding them right hard. Some cheaper dog foods pack in a multitude of fillers that are unhealthy and oftentimes dangerous. With prolonged feeding of these foods, your dog will suffer from lack of nutrition and even increased risk of digestion, immune, and heart issues caused by the low-quality ingredients in their food.

This list will help you figure out which ingredients you should be looking for and which ingredients you should definitely be avoiding when it comes to dog food brands.


By all means, avoid these things:

  • Corn and wheat gluten. This is a very popular filler and it can adversely affect your dog’s health.
  • Meat and grain “meal” is not a substitute for real, high-quality meat protein. It’s a filler and it will not benefit your dog in any way.
  • Meat by-product. Similar to “meal”, by-products do not serve any nutritional purpose in the food, they’re a cheap alternative.
  • BHA, or Butylated Hydroxyanisole.
  • BHT Butylated Hydroxytouene.
  • Food Dyes. Many people are waking up to the adverse health effects of unnatural dyes in both human and pet food. You should be sure to avoid Blue 2, Red 40, Yellow 5 and 6, and 4-MIE for certain but you’re best off avoiding dyes altogether—high quality foods will not use them at all.
  • PG, or Propylene Glycol.
  • Rendered fat.

What To Look For

Here are some tips for finding high-quality dog food:

  • Rather than meal or by-product, look for foods that have Beef, Chicken, Lamb or another protein as the first ingredient. Meal might come later in the list, but it should be the secondary source, not the primary source.
  • You might have to skip past the big name dog food brands to find a truly high-quality solution. Smaller brands might be lesser known to you, but all you have to do is compare the ingredients list to see which food is the best—forget about commercials, marketing tactics, and the “big names” if you truly want to find a great dog food.
  • If you find a dog food that has any food dyes whatsoever, chances are, it’s low quality. No high-quality dog foods use food dyes in their product because there is simply no reason to (other than human marketing tactics). Skip any brand that uses food dyes.


In addition to offering your dog a high-quality dog food, you might also need to supplement their diet with a pet supplement to help support their health and give them the full range of vitamins and minerals they need. Some of the more popular supplements include gels, liquids, and pills that give a range of nutrients to help support join and overall health.

Here is one of the highly recommended dog foods

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