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Inside Look At Adrienne Farricelli's Course.

By  April 7 2023 9:00 PM

Adrienne Farricelli's Brain Training for Dogs is an innovative online training program designed to help dog owners train their pets using positive reinforcement techniques. With years of experience as a professional dog trainer, Farricelli has developed an extensive program that covers various aspects of dog behavior, from basic obedience to more complex tricks.

The program consists of a series of video lessons, each targeting a specific aspect of dog behavior, such as attention, impulse control, and problem-solving. The lessons are designed to be easy to follow, with step-by-step instructions and demonstrations, making them accessible to both experienced and novice dog owners.

One of the things that make this program stand out is its focus on positive reinforcement training.

Rather than relying on punishment or correction-based methods, Farricelli emphasizes the use of rewards and positive reinforcement to encourage desired behaviors. 

This not only makes the training more enjoyable for dogs but also leads to a stronger bond between owners and their pets.

Another strength of the program is its flexibility. It allows owners to work at their own pace and customize the training to their individual needs and the needs of their dogs.

The program also offers different levels of difficulty, ensuring that owners can continue to challenge their dogs as they progress through the training.

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Brain Training For Dogs

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Dog Training 




The "Brain Training For Dogs" is an online dog training program by Adrienne Farricelli.  This review provides a summary of her entire course that contains 7 Modules and her Free bonuses with her program. 

After going through Adrienne 's online "Brain Training For Dogs" I realized this is much more then just a standard online dog training course.  

Many courses out there will teach steps on how to stop your dog barking, how to stop pulling on the leash, etc.  

Most of these courses help with these problems, but the "Brain Training For Dogs" goes way beyond just solving these dog behavior problems.  This course goes into the science of how dogs think, and how to tap into your dog's brain and teach him with games to be more intelligent.  

Adrienne's theory is that when you stimulate your dog's mind correctly with a very specific set of games it will help unlock his brain.  

Overall, Adrienne Farricelli's Brain Training for Dogs is an excellent resource for anyone looking to improve their dog's behavior and strengthen the bond between themselves and their pets.

The program is well-structured, easy to follow, and based on proven positive reinforcement techniques. It offers a flexible and customizable approach to dog training that caters to the individual needs of both owners and dogs.

The "Brain Training For Dogs" claims that by unlocking  your dog's intelligence it will help... 

  • Your dog’s problem behaviors fade away.
  • Your dog will be better behaved and more obedient.
  • Your dogs ability to learn will skyrocket.
  • Your dog’s temperament will improve.
  • Your bond with your dog will become stronger.
  • Your dog’s health will improve.
brain training for dogs

One thing that Is impressive is Adrienne's outstanding credentials...

  1. She had her work featured in USA Today and Every Dog magazine.
  2. Has contributed to eHow and All Experts.
  3. Helped thousands of struggling dog owners all over the world.
  4. Ran a successful cage-less board and train company.
  5. Has provided training to service dogs for military veterans.

I noticed the instructions were very easy to understand with step-by-step guides, and pictures and video demonstrations as well.    

There is a lot of information to go through with all the modules.  However,  it isn't complex as there is like a  paint-by numbers’ system to walk you through it.  

Another thing I liked is that you get full support if you have any questions and also a private forum where you can chat with other members and ask questions.

Here is the breakdown of the "Brain Training For Dogs" 
program, which contains 7 modules with free special bonuses.



  • This is the foundation for the whole course.  This is where you dog will learn how to tap into his brain power to become super obedient to your every command.   How to ‘Target Train’ your dog so he/she keeps their attention on you. (You can even use ‘targeting’ to get your dog to open doors, ring bells or turn off lights).



This is when your dog has mastered the basic training.  You get your dog to play games such as...

  • The ‘treasure hunt game’ that gets your dog back to his evolutionary roots and relieves the ‘boredom’ that leads to so many problem behaviors.
  • ‘The muffin game’ to keep your dog mentally stimulated and out of trouble.
  • ‘The ball pit game’ to drain your dog’s energy and make him easier to work with – all while they have a ton of fun and exercise.



Here is where your dog will learn about patience and impulse control with the following games…

  • Inside ‘jazz up and settle down’ you will learn how to settle your Dog down quickly after being hyped up with activity for a while.
  • The bottle game will help provide mental stimulation plus a small amount of exercise so they behave better for you.
  • Bobbing for treats will give your dog the excitement and reward he needs to behave well, while helping to remove any fear of water.



Here you will develop your dog’s motor skills and his ability to concentrate on your commands.

With this module you will discover:

  • The shell game to develop his mental agility.
  • The open sesame game to develop patience and calmness despite an open door.
  • The magic carpet game to develop even more patience and dexterity.


Here you will develop your dog’s intelligence and patience. You’ll also be focusing on helping him with his impulse control to become a better behaved dog.  In this module you will discover:

  • The hide and seek game to create a strong bond between you and your dog, and helps dogs who have trouble being alone.
  • The look at that game to stop dogs barking at other dogs or people from the window.
  • The hot and cold game to boost your dog's ability to learn and build his confidence.


Here your dog will develop advanced level motor skills and intelligence…to obey your commands.

This module you should finally have your dog be able to do:

  • Advanced leg-weaving skills to impress your friends.
  • The Serpentines and spirals game to help your dog stick by your side and follow your movements -no matter how erratic.
  • The name recognition game where your dog will learn to pick out toys by their name, to boost his cognitive ability.


When you get to this finale module you will discover:

  • The tidy up game so your dog can tidy up after he is finished playing, A very impressive and useful trick.
  • The ring stackers game to develop skill and patience.
  • Play the piano game – that’s right. Your dog will actually play the piano on cue.
brain training for dogs


The final summary of the "Brain Training For Dogs" is that contains a lot of great information and incorporates a different approach then other dog training courses.  

It provides a lot of mind games for your dog to help achieve better intelligence, which supposedly means better behavior.  

Does it work for every type of dog?  

I have a dachshund, which normally is a very stubborn dog that is hard to eliminate bad behavior like barking at every other dog, and tugging on the leash every time a person walks near us.  

So for me, it worked great as my dog learned to enjoy the games, and mastered most of them.  However, I haven't been able to get him to play the piano yet.  

Hopefully with more practice that will happen.  

But for the most part I think dog owners will be happy with the results they can achieve with the different mind games provided by this course.  

It does take time and practice though, as it isn't like they will be trained in one day. 


The Good Stuff:
  • High Quality Dog Training Course Featuring 21 Games To Improve A Dog's Intelligence And Behavior
  • Cutting-edge dog training science and techniques.
  • Clear instructions with pictures.
  • Video demonstrations of the brain training games.
  • Boasts thousands of people who have used the training to eradicate their dog's problem behavior.
  • Dedicated help desk to hold your hand every step of the way.
  • Risk FREE 60 Day Money Back - no questions asked.
The Bad Stuff:
  • Lot of information that can take a some time to go through it all.

  • Takes lots of practice with your dog. (however, any dog training course requires this as well.

best offer

brain training for dogs

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