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Dog Bonding Test

Here is something I thought you might like as well.
This simple test can determine your dog's degree of independence and bonding.

1. Sit down in a chair facing your dog and start to yawn. Make it a loud yawn.
2. Yawn every ten seconds up to one minute, while watching your dog
3. At the end of the one minute. Set a timer for a two minute alert, then watch your dog to see if they yawn before the two minutes timer goes off.
If your dog yawned in the first minute while you were yawning that shows they have a high degree of empathy.
If your dog yawned within the two minutes after you stopped yawning, that indicates a strong bond with you.
If your dog didn't yawn at all, they are an independent dog. That doesn't mean the two of you are not close buddies. It's just that your dog doesn't observe you very closely.