Homemade Dog Food Recipe

so recently I conducted this ball what would prevent you for making your fresh meal for your dog at home when the results from the poll came back the biggest piece to the puzzle was making sure that you have a balanced recipe people were terrified of not getting it right second biggest issue we see is people don’t have times they think it’s really complicated or that you have to buy a lot of supplements to help balance the diet that saddens me it saddens me because I know that balancing foods for ourselves and for our pets isn’t really that complicated most people say they want a really easy recipe so we put together a nutritionally complete recipe that will meet all your healthy adult dogs nutritional needs that would be fully balanced that you’d be able to get in your car drive to your local grocery store and find the ingredients there to help inspire you to want to research more all right let’s get started now grab a bowl for you foodies out there just take a look at the center of the screen but for you nutrition buffs want to check out what’s under the hood of these foods take a look at a side panel grab 14 ounces of ground beef that you can find in your local grocery store really easy everything in red is deficient but it has to be lean ground beef dogs have a really high amino acid requirement next grab two teaspoons of hemp seed oil or three tablespoons of hemp seeds this balances the fats now to add half a teaspoon of Carlsen’s called liver oil or half a can of sardines that meets vitamin D and E requirements now I’d have a teaspoon of ginger which is packed with ligament supporting manganese next comes kelp this little green monster is packed with iodine let’s supercharge it with one egg but hold on to half of that shell 30 seconds in and halfway done now grab that egg shell ground eggshell meats calcium requirements for adult dog but not for puppy’s liver provides copper zinc and iron veggies add antioxidants phytonutrients and enzymes and fiber and voila you have a balanced meal for you beginners out there these are simple easy ingredients but the more you research the more you’re going to hear about nutrient-rich superfoods like mussels and tripe chicken wings heart organs and many other food groups mix it all together and you have a complete meal you’re welcome to cook the meal you can serve it warm or you can feed it raw you can also package the food and freeze it for you sleep this is just one example of how easy it can be to beat a fresh food meal to your dog look of course when making these recipes there’s always a better way to do it if you’re buying things that are organic or ethically raised genetically modify for yes by all means do it but do your best whatever you can do that can get you closest to making something ideal that’s the most important thing is it be starting somewhere we all need a starting point be dr. Becker what if we did a copy recipe absolutely and one for cats – oh good dog