Non-Allergenic Dog Breeds

Non-Allergenic Dog Breeds

Non-Allergenic Dog Breeds

If you are a person with allergies to dog hair, there is still hope, as you can choose a breed of non-allergenic dogs that will not shed much hair or dancer. Non-shedding dogs are commonly referred to as hypoallergenic dogs, and they are a great choice for people with allergies.

Here is 16 of small to medium sized non-allergenic dog breeds that are the best choices if you are a mild allergy sufferer.

1. Affenpinscher
People who have allergies won’t have a problem with an Affenpinscher in the house. The Affenpinscher have a wiry coat, which doesn’t shed a lot.  You just need to occasionally brush out the removal of old, dead hairs.

2. Basenji
The Basenji is like a cat in that they are efficient in self-cleaning. Not only do they groom themselves, but their soft, short hair will not shed as much as most other dogs.  Thus, they leave less dander and less effect on sensitive immune systems.

3. Bedlington Terrier
This dog breed has a wooly, tightly curled coat that barely sheds.  The Bedlington looks like a lamb as well, and still will need some grooming as their tight curly coat can become matted without daily brushing.

4. Bichon Frise
The Bichon Frise has a soft, fluffy, and tightly curled coat, which ensuring dead hairs with dander stay in place until grooming day when they are brushed out.

5. Hairless Chinese Crested
Since, the Hairless Chinese Crested has hardly any hair, they will shed very little.  This means very little chance of any allergic reaction to this breed.

6. Havanese
The Havanese breed is similar to the Bichon Frise, as they have a similar coat which is ideal for people with allergies.  Their fluffy coats have a soft wave, not curly like a Bichon, that helps prevent shedding hair all over.

7. Irish Water Spaniel
The Irish Water Spaniels is a good choice for allergy sufferers if  you do regular brush outs and bathing to neaten up his coat.  Since they have no undercoat, it won’t be a problem with all those curls as there isless shedding.

8. Kerry Blue Terrier
The Kerry Blue Terrier doesn’t shed often like many other dog… about every three weeks. This helps with allergy sufferers, as you can more easily control the amount of hair that falls in your home. Kerry Blues are known as non-shedders with their wavy, curly coats retaining much of the allergy-causing hairs until grooming day.

9. Komondor
Adult Komondors grow a double coat, one wooly undercoat and one curly outercoat, which naturally develops the cords.  Since their hair so tightly formed, there isn’t traditional shedding. They only may have a whole cord possibly fall off, but not individual, allergy-irritating hairs. This makes it ideal for allergy sufferers.

10. Poodle
Not only are poodles a popular dog, but they are ideal for people with sensitive allergies to dog hair.  They are a light-shedding breed, as their curly coat holds onto dead hair and dander.  They are an easy maintenance dog for grooming.Enter your text here...

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