Try Not To Laugh At This Funny Dog Video Compilation | Funny Pet Videos

huh dogs pulling him what do you got food on you you great ball wawk wawk wawk great ball good boy walk by you got a walk buddy walk buddy so boy walk you can’t sit walk songs do you want to play eat your broccoli any diesel this way come on listen here’s nacho at the park he doesn’t want to leave so he won’t walk we have to drag him out of the park this is hallux dragging back [Music] Oh Cara is that supposed to be a gift or a ground it’s a gift oh there’s another one another my god how many yeah Oh oh my goodness Cooper what it’s Sookie do for Sophie there Sophie oh yeah there’s Sophie Oh goober doesn’t know what to do with her like a go go oh [Music] b-but you like laughing cuz we’re all laughing – man what happened nine-nine you got into the Hedgehog’s ball taking it out no yeah I don’t know what happened [Music] guru come on also wanna go home three you might be treat listen okay Street look at the treatment we’re good a treat Winston look – go for a walk come on come on let’s go for a walk that’s a good girl there you go good come on where are you going see how my face Sam just try me nice let’s go good come on booby come on little guy Oh ro well that was a utmost failure oh the oh my gosh how are you gonna get out [Music] [Music] this officially is the latest on on the fat she can’t see Oh