Two Dachshunds

Two Dachshunds

Thinking about getting two dachshunds.  Here are the advantages and disadvantages

Have you been considering getting a dachshund? If so you might consider getting two dachshunds, but you need to be aware of the pros and cons of having two dachshunds.

There are a number of things to consider if you want to have two dachshunds.

Two Dachshunds...Can You Afford Them?

Your expenses will be double for items like food, bedding, vet bills, and treats

If you can afford it then you might want to get two dachshunds for a variety of reasons.

Since the dachshund is a pack animal they would enjoy having another dachshund as a companion for their pack.

This will help too if you have leave the house for several hours as they can keep each other company.

If you have only one dachshund they may get separation anxiety if left alone

But if you or a family member is home most of the day, they can be happy with you and your family members as companions.

However, if you have to work each day and have no family members in your house you might want to get 2 dachshunds so they can keep each other company.

But when getting two dachshunds you need to be aware that sometimes two dachshunds whether from the same litter or different litter, may not get along and and have aggression towards each other.

If you want two dachshunds from the same litter, watch to see how they act around each other.

The best chance of them getting along is to get one male and one female. I don’t recommend getting 2 female dachshunds as they would be the most likely to not get along

Now what if you already have one dachshund and want to get another?

It depends on their age. If you have a dachshund puppy and want another puppy, it is recommended that your first dachshund puppy is 8 months or older before getting another dachshund puppy.

This way the older dachshund puppy can be the leader of the pack and can play and help train the younger puppy.

Now what if you have an adult dachshund and want to get a dachshund puppy?

That is okay as well as long as the adult dachshund is not more than 5 years old. The reason being is that they might not be able to keep up with the energy level of the dachshund puppy. 

The question is do you need another dachshund if you already have one?

two dachshunds

If your dachshund is already happy with you and the family and doesn’t have separation anxiety if no one is around for several hours, then it is okay to just have one. 

But if you simply like dachshunds a lot and want to adopt another dachshund that could work too.

However, that would depend on your dachshund’s behavior on whether they would accept another dachshund.

They might not want another dachshund in the house.

If you think your dachshund would be okay with another dachshund you want to know how to properly train them.

Would they be okay sleeping in the same cage or dog bed together?

How do they behave with their dog food?

Is one dachshund trying and eat the other dachshund's food out of their bowl?

Sometimes they may fight over their dog food. It might be a good idea to put their dog bowls far away from each other. 

Here are other points to consider.

If you want to get two male dachshunds that can be okay but it is recommended one dachshund be from 8-12 months older than the other dachshund.

Here are the disadvantages of having two dachshunds.

1. The Costs:

You will have double the cost as you will have to buy two dog collars, two harnesses, twice as much dog food, two dog bowls, and double the vet bill.

Then if you and your family go on a vacation and you either need a dog sitter or take them to a doggie daycare that will be twice the cost. 

2. The Barking

Dachshunds are notorious for barking and when you have two dachshunds they tend to feed off each other and join in to bark whenever someone comes to the house or if they see another animal.

So training will require more time and patience to stop the excessive barking.

3. They could start competing over food or toys and start fighting.

So you need to be on guard and have to separate them if they start getting aggressive. 

4. With two dachshunds it would be better for training if you have yourself and another family member to help train.

Here are the advantages of having two dachshunds.

1. They will be playing with each other and won’t get bored. 

2. They will have each for comfort so if you have to leave the house they won’t have separation anxiety. 

two dachshunds

3. As recommended earlier, having one dachshund be 8-12 months older would help to train the younger dachshund.

4. You will be more amused and fun to watch as they play and chase each other. 

So those are the pros and cons of getting two dachshunds.

If you don’t mind the extra costs and can devote more time and patience for training it could be great to have two dachshunds.

Here are some interesting facts about the dachshund

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