Best Healthy Dog Food

Best Recommended Dog Food

The first thing to look for in the healthiest dog food it to identify the bad ingredients listed.

Here are some expert opinions:

No Corn, No Wheat

“Corn — not appropriate for a carnivore. It is an incomplete protein, contains gluten, and is one of the more allergenic food substances, especially since pretty much all of it is GMO. Wheat — similar reasons as corn.”

Dr. Elisa Katz

Manage Carbohydrates

“We feed high concentrations of crude protein and fat in dog diets in order that the complete diet fed to the dog is highly digestible. Carbohydrates are very important dietary constituents, but the amount added needs to be managed as they oftentimes will result in lower digestibility.”

George Fahey
Professor Emeritus
University of Illinois, Department of Animal Sciences

In addition, dog food should not contain by-products, sauces, or sugar.

Another ingredients that is controversial is beet pulp, which is a common binding agent.   There isn’t much scientific research as of yet, but most of the experts agree it is best to avoid it, as there are concerns of digestive health issues.

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