Dog Arthritis

Dog Arthritis

What Causes Dogs to induce Arthritis?

Dogs aren't resistant to inflammatory disease issues. They have a similar muscular and tissue structure in their joint areas as humans do, thus arthritis in dogs will rear its ugly head for them also.

Dogs will suffer like humans when they develop inflammatory issues caused by arthritis.  

What specifically causes dog arthritis when inflammatory issues hit them?  

1. One of the main causes of dog arthritis is being overweight.

Excess weight will cause stress on their joints and if it continues, will cause inflammatory disease. If you retain your dog at a healthy weight, you'll decrease their possibilities for developing inflammatory disease which in turn causes dog arthritis as they get older.

2. Injuries and accidents to their limbs are another reason for dog arthritis.  When an injury happens to their limbs, some underlying harm will happen to the muscles and tissues around their joints, inflicting undue stress.

The injury may have caused some joints to be a bit out of position as a result of the injury or accident.  Thus, this results in more stress and rubbing of bone on tissues, creating inflammatory disease inevitable in dogs.

Arthritis is a common condition that affects many dogs, particularly as they age. It can cause discomfort, pain, and decreased mobility, significantly impacting a dog's quality of life. 

dog arthritis

What causes dog arthritis?

3. Poor nutrition will be another cause of dog arthritis. Dogs need a well-balanced diet with the correct amounts of nutrients for healthy bones, muscles, and tissues.

Prolonged poor nutrition will cause their bones and muscles to become weak and will begin to degenerate, inflicting inflammation in their joints.  Having an excessive amount of physical activity while not getting proper rest is another reason for arthritis in dogs.

A dog is full of life and can have bursts of energy, so letting your dog run and play is healthy.   Just want to make sure you are not over-exercising them, as overworking their muscles and joints will cause strain. They need proper rest as well.

4. Sometimes arthritis in dogs can be caused by diseases or tumors. Make sure you have regular vet checkups to make sure they do not have any underlying diseases or tumors, as that can cause stress on their joints, muscles, and bones.

Proper care to assist alleviate a number of the symptoms could reduce the pain brought on by the inflammatory disease.  As dog's age, that in itself causes arthritis in dogs.

Old age has slowed your dog down and they are not as active.  When your dog is inactive, this will cause its muscles to stiffen up and result in inflammatory issues to start which ends up resulting in arthritis.

One recommendation is to give your dog glucosamine and chondroitin, which helps your dog immensely.  I give my dog daily glucosamine and chondroitin and it has helped tremendously. 

Arthritis in dogs may be inevitable as they age.  

However if you provide them with healthy nutrition to keep them from getting overweight, give them bone and joint supplements, and moderate exercise, this will help alleviate their arthritis.

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