What Causes Arthritis In Dogs

What Causes Arthritis In Dogs

What Causes Dogs To Induce Arthritis?

Dogs aren’t resistant to inflammatory disease issues, especially when they are older.  They need a good muscular and tissue structure in their joint areas as humans do,  otherwise inflammatory disease will rear its ugly head for them also.

Dogs will suffer like humans and develop issues and pain once inflammatory disease hits.  What specifically causes the inflammatory disease to hit them?  One primary cause for inflammatory disease in dogs could be a weight problem.

Excess weight will cause stress on their joints and if it continues, will cause inflammatory disease. If you keep your dog at a healthy weight, you’ll decrease their possibilities for developing inflammatory disease afterward in their life.  Injuries and accidents to their limbs are another reason for inflammatory disease in dogs. Once an injury happens to their limbs, some underlying harm will happen to the muscles and tissues around their joints, inflicting undue stress.

It’s also a possibility that some out of position joint through injury or accident may inflict stress and rubbing of bone tissues, creating inflammatory disease inevitable in dogs.

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Poor nutrition may be another cause to rheumatoid issues.  Dogs need a well-balanced diet with the correct amounts of nutrients to keep their bones, muscles and tissues robust and healthy.

Prolonged poor nutrition will cause their bones and muscles to become weak and they will begin to degenerate, causing inflammation in their joints.

No regular physical activity is another reason for inflammatory disease.

A dog can have bursts of energy and they want activity, which is needed to be healthy.  However, excessive activity, especially in older dogs, will overwork their muscles, causing strain on the joints.  If they don’t receive correct rest, this can eventually cause inflammatory disease.

Sometimes inflammatory disease will be caused by diseases or tumors that can’t be helped.  The area that is affected, can make for disturbance with a dog’s body, inflicting several ailments – as well as inflammatory disease.

Proper veterinary care to assist could reduce the pain brought on by inflammatory disease.  Old age by itself causes inflammatory disease.  The older your dog is, the more ailments will occur with age.

When old age has slowed your dog down, they need more rest.  However an excessive amount of rest will cause their muscles to stiffen a bit so you need to keep them somewhat active which will help minimize the results of inflammatory disease.

Arthritis can be inevitable, however if you keep them active and provide them with the proper dog nutrients with healthy dog food, this will help live out their lives without pain.

One healthy dog supplement is Turmeric Curcumin, which really helps alleviate hip and joint pains.

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